Essendon Parish

Regular Parish Mass Times

St Therese's
48A Lincoln Rd Essendon VIC3040

  • Sunday 9.00am, 10.30am
  • Tuesday 10.00am
  • Wednesday 10.00am
  • Thursday 10.00am
  • Friday 10.00am
  • Saturday 6.00pm Vigil
5.30pm Saturday or by appointment
Parish Address
48A Lincoln Rd
VIC 3040 Australia
Postal Address
Contact Parish Office
Phone: (03) 9401 6330
Parish Information
For over 90 years the focus of our parish community has been relationships and service.

Our primary relationship with God motivates our involvement in all aspects of community life. Our rich parish tapestry is created through our shared gifts and ministries, prayer and worship and networks of formal and casual interaction.

As the Father was made known through the self-giving love of Jesus, so we, bring God’s presence to the fore through the ‘little ways’ our patron St Therese lived and wrote about, especially through sharing our experience of God through justice, witness, community development, mission, and the day to day things we do for others.

We value and welcome the talents, creativity, hospitality and experience of our parishioners and we look forward to your contribution and participation in your own ‘little way’ with us here at St Therese’s Essendon.

Parish Priest: Rev John Hannon
Parish Staff
Parish Coordinator: Joan Butterworth
Pastoral Worker: Geraldine Hande
Business Manager: Kathy Gilmour
Function Manager: Jac Radcliffe
Bookkeeper: Marie McKenna