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Parish Address
1 Cathedral Place
East Melbourne
VIC 3002 Australia
Postal Address
PO Box 146
East Melbourne
VIC 8002 Australia
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Parish Information

Melbourne Cathedral Parish

Christmas Celebrations and Mass Times
24 Dec 8.00am Saturday morning Mass
24 Dec 8.30am Reconcillation (Last before Christmas)
24 Dec 12.00noon Cathedral Closes for Christmas Preparations
24 Dec 6.00pm Christmas Vigil Mass
24 Dec 08.30pm Carol Service
24 Dec 09.00pm Mass during the Night (No Midnight Mass this year)
Celebrated by Archbishop Denis Hart
Accompanied by St Patrick’s Cathedral choirs, organ and brass

25 Dec 8.00am Mass of Christmas Day with Organ and Cantor
25 Dec 9.30am Mass of Christmas Day with Organ and Cantor
25 Dec 11.00am Solemn Pontifical Mass of Christmas Day
Celebrated by Archbishop Denis J Hart DD
accompanied by St Patrick’s Cathedral choir
Note: After the 11:00am Mass, the Cathedral will be closed for the remainder of the day. There will be no 6:30pm Mass

26 Dec 9.00am Mass
27 Dec 9.00am Mass
Note: 26 & 27 December are Public Holidays. After 9am Mass the Cathedral and grounds close for the day.
28 Dec, 29 Dec and 30 Dec  7.00am Mass, 12.00noon Reconciliation, 1.00pm Mass
31 Dec 8.00am Mass, 8.30am Reconciliation, 5.30pm Reconciliation, 6.00pm Vigil - Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
1 Jan 8.00am Mass with Organ and Cantor, 9.30am Mass with Organ and Cantor, 6.30pm Mass with Organ and Cantor
2 Jan 9.00am Mass Cathedral will close immediately after Mass.
Note: There will be no 8am weekday Mass during January.  
Good Friday and Easter Services

St Patrick's Cathedral

Monday: 30 March
7.00am, 1.00pm Weekday Mass
Tuesday: 31 March
7.00am, 1.00pm Weekday Mass
11.00am Chrism Mass (Blessing of Oils) No Reconsiliation
Wednesday: 1 April
7.00am, 8.00am,  1.00pm Weekday Mass
12.00pm Reconciliation
Thursday: 2 April
12.00pm Reconciliation
7.30pm Mass of the Last Supper
Friday: 3 April (Good Friday)
10.30am Stations of the Cross
3.00pm Good Friday- The Passion (Reconciliation following the passion)
7.30pm Tenebrae
Saturday: 4 April
8.00am Vigil Mass of Easter Sunday
(Celebrated by Archbishop Denis Hart DD, accompanied by St Patrick's Cathedral Choir and Organ)
Sunday: 5 April (Easter)
9.30am (Accompanied by cantor and organ)
11.00am (Celebrated by Archbishop Denis J Jart DD, accpompanied by St Patrick's Cathedral Choir and organ)
6.30pm (Accompanied by St Patrick's Cathedral Singers and organ)
Parish Mass Times
The Sacrament of Reconciliation at St Patrick’s Cathedral is in English and is available on weekdays from Tuesday - Friday from 12pm prior to the 1.00pm daily Mass. On weekends Reconciliation is available on Saturday at 5:30pm.


Monday 7.00AM Monday 1.00PM Tuesday 7.00AM Tuesday 8.00AM Tuesday 1.00PM Wednesday 7.00AM Wednesday 8.00AM Wednesday 1.00PM Wednesday 5.30PM Latin Low Mass (Extraordinary Form) Thursday 7.00AM Thursday 8.00AM Thursday 1.00PM Friday 7.00AM Friday 8.00AM Friday 1.00PM Exposition after Mass Saturday 8.00AM Saturday 6.00PM Vigil Sunday 8.00AM Sunday 9.30AM Sunday 11.00AM Sunday 6.30PM
St Patrick's Cathedral
1 Cathedral Place
East Melbourne


St John the Evangelist
576 Victoria Pde
East Melbourne
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